Start A Local Chapter

Gun Free Dining Tennssee started in Nashville, but welcomes people or groups in other parts of Tennessee who would like to join the effort.  If you are interested to start a chapter in your area, please go to "Join the Street Team", and explain that you want to start a chapter.  

What Does a Chapter Do?

Survey restaurants and bars in your area to see if they allow guns. This can be done by visiting restaurants, or calling them.  To see how the process works, read through the information listed under "Street Team."  

Do We Need a Large Team?

You can start with just one person, or with a group of people.  If we hear from several people in the same area, we will help you get connected. 

Will You Help Us With Our Chapter?

Our web site is already built and can serve the needs of customers in your area.  We provide you with brochures to hand out to restaurants and report forms to fill out after contacting a restaurant.  We can give you a list of restauarant in your area that have an ABC lisence.  We will coach you through the process. 

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