Information for Restaurants


It is our goal to provide a comprehensive list of bars and restaurants to your potential customers. We expect that many people will want to know if their restaurant allows guns , or has chosen to be gun free. According to the new law, this is your choice. You can post a no-gun sign, and then be listed as “Gun Free” or you can choose to not post a sign, and be listed as “Allows Guns.”

We Want to Be Listed as Gun Free, but Do Not Want to Post a Sign

That is not possible.  Under the new law, if you do not post a sign, registered gun owners are allowed to bring their guns. 

Can You Choose to Not be Listed at All?

No.  We will report whatever your policy is, as expressed by whether or not you post a No Gun sign. 

Survey of Restaurant Customers

Surveys conducted by the Tennessee Hospitality Industry show that if you post a no-gun sign, many more people say that they are more likely to go to your restaurant (53%) than say they would be less likely to go to your restaurant (11%). We believe it would be good for your business to post a no-gun sign, but that choice is up to you. Whatever choice you make, we will let the public know.

Gun Free Restaurants Get Free Links

If you post no-gun signs, we will provide a link to your restaurant to help advertise to your customers.

Will Posting a No Gun Sign Interfere with Police?

No.  Police can cary their guns with them, even if there is a No Gun sign posted.  

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