How to Obtain a Sign

Free Signs from Gun Free Dining Tennessee

If you want a free sign, go to "Contact Us" and tell us the name and address of your restaurant.  We will mail you a sign.

On-Line Sales From Sign Companies

Many companies sell no-gun signs on-line.  They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.  Here are links to two companies that sell no-gun signs.  When you go to the site, hover over the sign you are interested in, and it will show you the size and material options, along with the prices.

Customized Signs

If you would like a custom sign, that can be done at SignsNow.  Call 615.256.7446.

Additional Language Used by Some Restaurants and Bars

One restaurant created a sign with the following text to go with the no-gun symbol: "Pursuant to 39-17-1305 the owner operator of this property has banned weapons on this property.  This applies to all hangun carry permit holders.  Failure to comply can lead to loss of handgun permit."

Print Out Yourself

The file attached below has a no-gun sign in a Word document.  If you want a simple sign for free, just download this file and print out on your own printer.

Attachment Size
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