About The Street Team

What is the Street Team?

Gun Free Dining Tennessee lets restaurant customers know which restaurants and bars have chosen to post a no-gun sign and which have chosen to allow guns. To provide this information, we need to have volunteers (our “street team”) visit or call restaurants.

What You Do

You canvass restaurants or help us manage the database.  If you want to canvass, the materials are all right here on our web site and are posted  for you to download. This includes a script to use when visiting restaurants, a hand-out to give the restauarant, and a report form where you write what you find. Then go visit each restauarnt you want to cover. 

At the restaurant, see if there is a no-gun sign already posted.  If there is no sign there now, ask if they plan to post a no-gun sign.  Many restaurants do not know about the law or have not yet decided what to do.  In those cases, provide them with the flyer which explains the law and explains the fact that we will publicize their choice to customers.  If they ask “how do we get a sign?” you can point them to our web site for information about signs.  After your visit, you fill out a report form, and send it back to us. 

What You Do Not Do

You do not need to debate with restaurant owners. Some will feel that they want guns in their restaurant and that is their right. At the same time, customers have a right to know what a restaurant’s policy is before they spend their money there. Just like there are reviews the describe if the food is good or bad, we are providing information about each restaurant’s gun policy.

What Restaurants Do I Cover?

We keep a list of restaurants with liquor licenses. You can see which restaurants are not yet covered by going to "Restaurant Search."   Then, under "Guns Allowed" pick "Not Yet Covered."  That will give you a list of restaurants and bars that still need canvassing.  You can narrow the search by also selecting a zip code for your area, or a street that you want to cover.  This will produce a list that is convenient for you to canvass and still needs canvassing. 

Is there a Street Team in My City?

Gun Free Dining Tennessee is starting in the metro Nashville area. We have a street team operating there now, and this team has gathered enough information for us to launch the Nashville restaurant listings. If you are in other areas of the state, we would welcome your help to start a street team in your area. If you would like to start a chapter, read Start a Chapter and sign up here.

How do I Join the Street Team?

Just go here, and sign up. We will call you to ask about your time and availability, and to answer any questions you have.

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